4-Week Church Growth Bootcamp

Grow your Church with strategies learned
Find the best practices for Church Marketing
Meet other Pastors
Note: To preserve our small bootcamp size, only 5 spots are available each month. Sign up now to reserve your place!

You should attend the bootcamp if...

Your Church's attendance isn't the same as it was pre-COVID.
Your Church's pre-COVID attendance was shrinking already before COVID hit.
You currently don't have a Church website OR your website was designed before the COVID pandemic (best practice is to get a website redesign every 3 years or so).
You know that God wants your Church to reach your community in a better way.
You want to grow but you don't want to have to hire another staff member in order to grow.


Do we keep access to the recordings afterwards?

Yes, you can keep the recordings afterwards by downloading them, and you will very likely keep access to the platform that we use for it as well.

Can this help my Church grow?

It really depends. It can, but what you need to do after going through the bootcamp (and during the bootcamp) is put it into practice (or have us do it for you), because that's how your Church will grow - by doing the things you learn in the bootcamp.

What is the investment?

The 4-week bootcamp (along with recordings) currently costs $500, though we reserve the right to change the price. The price also includes a month of free access to the Church Management System that we can help you implement (with an option to keep getting access afterwards for a price).

Do you have a one-on-one version of the bootcamp?

We offer a 1-on-1 16-week version of this bootcamp (going into each topic in more depth). Book a call with us to learn more.

Can you implement it for us?

If you'd rather us implement it for you, we can talk about that. If you'd rather go it on your own, you can also get access to our very inexpensive Church Growth Academy with many mini-courses to help you in this process.

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